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A Wallace Family Generational History

We Came From Georgia


This Second Edition of our Wallace history is all about “I wish I had...” and the fact that we don’t want to still be saying that years from now. I am glad “we did.” Email has been a wonderful thing. Those who don’t use email have involved their children and grandchildren and we have “met” relatives we had heard of, but weren’t really sure where they fit into the family. Now, instead of “I wish I had...” I am thinking “I regret not getting to know...”

It has been so enjoyable hearing of the love between grandparents and grandchildren and the pride a son has in a father. It has been inspiring to learn of family accomplishments, from building a swinging bridge, to building a business, to wisely building a strong family. Our Wallace family has civic pride, service and love of country, good work ethics, persistence, and so many more attributes that have made our nation strong.

Working on this edition of We Came From Georgia has been a joy in getting to know others in The Family Wallace.

Jan Wallace

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